Welcome to uSwim.com, the community service which shows you how to teach children of all ages to swim.

Level 1
Babies - Ages: 4 months - 3 years
This level shows you how to safely introduce babies to water. Easy step by step instructions and lesson plans will help you and your baby enjoy swimming.
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Level 2
Safety Fundamentals - Ages: over 3 years
Here you will teach vital skills such as Breath-control which all children over 3 should learn. It will make them safer in the water, more confident and ready to learn formal swimming strokes.
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Level 3
Stroke Development - Ages: over 3 years
Level 3 is where we show you the step by step techniques to learn Freestyle (front crawl) and Backstroke. Only start this level if you are sure your child can perform all skills in Level 2.
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