Convert apache htaccess rewrite rules to nginx rewrite rules automatically (experimental)

attention: not so much beta, but check twice before using!

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    Q: Does it supports xxx?
    A: This page has woozy codes, I dont know try it yourself and see. Backreferances, most of the variables and a few flags are supported.There are tons of fancy hacks for catching rewrite behavior of apache. As you see, it highly uses variables for deciding to rewriting and there must be many much errors/unmatched directives.

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  • .htaccess content

    Please put your .htaccess content (rewrite rules) below and click "convert" button. Do not forget clear tabs and any other indentation!

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  • nginx rules

    nginx rewrite rules will be here after conversion
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  • copy/paste

    your rewrite results will be here also for copy/paste